Monday, November 19, 2012

Importance of Mobile Applications –How Do We Measure It?

It seems each and every activity pertaining to human life will be covered by millions of mobile applications soon. The journey started long back with mere invention of calculator. Soon, computers became the craze for businesses and later on ruled over individuals. The journey is two and a half decade old but, completely different today. A new picture of technology has gripped the world by its ever enchanting magic coupled by the advancement of mobile devices. 

Mobile devices are now laden with mobile applications, some of which are important and some are designed for no reason in mind. If we look at some of the applications, we do not see any importance of that application in the app store of any mobile platform like Android, IOS or Windows. They are simply the wastage of time and money as well as the space consumed by that application. But, there are ample applications that impact our lives some way or other. For example, any application related to entertainment, like cinema ticket booking application or event ticket booking application. They make our life easy allowing us to make purchase or book on the go. Here you planned, there you booked!

DevelopmentIndia is worried about the applications of no importance and the space taken by them. On asking, a few avid mobile users responded in favor of those insignificant applications and said “when we go to any garment shop we reject a lot of pieces and pick the one that suits the most. But, those rejected ones are bought by someone or other so is the case with insignificant apps”. That clearly means no application on the app store is worthless. 

There are a number of way with which we can make users aware of the importance of the app as well as the performance of the application on any network. We will discuss that in our next blog. But, I would like to ask for your opinion or feedback or suggestion on the question that still stands tall to most of us. Are all applications important or more or less important? Should the insignificant applications be removed from the app store on analysis and user review basis?  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Changing Technologies And Our Adaptation

Technology is trending or there are trending technologies. It’s a bit confusing at this juncture where we see a different world of graphics, colors, sounds, 3D and effects and above all hand held devices with features never imagined. We still remember the time when 128 MB RAM was allowing us to browse through the less than 156 kbps and we were happy. Rather, we were on top of the world as there was handful of families who enjoyed this costly affair. 

Look at the way technologies have changed the world and people’s behavior and their thinking. Think towards everything has changed from purchasing to studying and business to entertainment. ‘Need is the mother of all invention’ as the old dictum says. But, where was the need of having a GPS on the mobile phone and designing devices on hand held devices. There was invention first and then people started changing the preferences. Here the situation is different. 

Earlier technology was brought into existence as there was the need, today they develop technologies based on the future needs of consumers. We are required to acclimate to the ever changing technologies and match up to the pacing world. I was reading one of the PRs of Icreon tech recently published on Yahoo Finance where the CEO Mr. Sareen mentioned that the year 2013 will be different from technology perspective. Icreon Tech has mentioned some 10 changing trends and technologies to come. 

Similarly, TED, a platform that allows innovators to reveal their stories of struggle and then success, also posted the story of Mr. Murthy and innovator as well as R.A. Mashelkar for his principle “convex lens leadership” making expensive cars and prosthetic possible for everyone in India. Now, India is becoming the hub of innovation mentions TED. 

We, at Web Development India, have also proved time and again our capabilities to bring forth innovative projects for our clients across domains and verticals. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Web Development

Web Development India is the occurring place to look for affordable alternatives in web creating, renovating and web design. The type of web design alternatives provided by Web Growth Indian are extensive which includes, custom web page creating, E-commerce web design, website development, low price web design development and many more. The major technology which are used in the Web Growth Indian include PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, AJAX, VB.Net, C++, Coffee and XML.

With a look in to the globe of web design Indian and the host of services provided under the ambit it can be said that the freelancing organizations in US, Western countries and across often doubt on the great quality and turn-around times. Often the freelancing organizations feel doubtful about whether Web Growth Indian has the abilities saved in them to do rights to their tasks. Often such tasks are outsourcing on a long lasting basis.

But, here is the rise and glow factor — the web design organizations performing under the domain of Web Growth Indian offer plenty of personalized choices to the web freelancing organizations in US and Western countries to their fulfillment. These personalized web design choices perform an important part in creating, creating and realization web design tasks promptly. Moreover, Web Growth Indian organizations also perform an important part when it comes to introducing low price and top great quality websites. The young and experienced web techies are skilled enough to handle the tasks with excessive severity, and there is hardly any kind of flexibility left in creating and creating the web page. The web design organizations elsewhere on the globe do not have the specialized performance as well as project managing skills and not to speak about the cost at all.

Keeping in view all these features, the freelancing organizations in US and Western countries have no reason to worry on the issues concerning great quality, on-time supply and of course feature. All these things are an expansion of reliability which is a natural part of Web Growth Indian organizations out here. Another driving factor which is essential to note here is that Web Growth Indian organizations have complete business knowledge of the websites for which they perform. Whether it is property, or finance, or insurance or anything under the sun, the Web Growth Indian organizations have become one option to cash for the freelancing organizations in US and Western countries.

There are other many explanations why the Web Development India organizations are ruling superior and why the outsourcing organizations are delivering their web design perform to Indian.

Good and Innovative Facilities Features Available
Work in Changes and Are employed Compliance with various US and Western Time Zones
High Speed High speed internet Connection with Intelligent Instant Texting Features like MSN, Google etc.
Voice Centered and Text Centered Texting Features to ease the interaction process.
Round the Time Technical Support Service Available
Use of Innovative Technologies

Web Growth Indian organizations are a sensible answer to all globe standard web design. However, keep in mind to hire only web design organizations that have experience in their workspace, or you’d be in dreadful loss.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Using Custom Web Development Solutions for Higher Success

All businesses have specific business requirements that must be fulfilled at the right time so as to give a tough competition to their rivals. There are some needs that emphasize on day-to-day maintenance work but some affects the future business decisions and goals. In such a stiff environment, it is important for businesses to design an IT solution that can suffice their interim and long term needs.

With custom web development solutions, it has become easier for businesses to develop a solution that can help in making their processes simple and systematic. When you will also ask for customized web application development solution, the web development company will take a brief of your requirements. The web developers will analyze the market trends and study your business needs to design a solution that can fulfill your goals effectively.

Although there are many development companies that focus on delivering the best web solutions to clients across the world, but there are few companies that set themselves apart from others. Development India is one such company in India that develops website development and web application development solutions for different business verticals. Their web developers focus on critical areas in advance so as to streamline the entire development process for best results. This doesn’t only enhance the quality of the web solution, but also complete the project within deadlines.

Along with that, you can choose different engagement delivery models as per your requirement, time and budget. If you have any requirement, you can share your requirements with them for effective solutions. They will use latest web development technologies to bring robustness, innovativeness and scalability in the customize web development solution.

So, take help from a web solution provider from India to reach at the zenith in your niche industry. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Taking Your E-Business to New Heights with eCommerce Solutions

In the technology-driven world, the businesses are giving tough competition to other businesses by keeping their customers’ demands on priority. To help such businesses, there are e-commerce development solutions that are helping businesses to target a wider, larger audience by operating an e-commerce website.

The e-commerce development companies are helping such businesses to set-up and organize their e-store, to achieve the goals successfully. While e-commerce developers begin working on your business website, they look for the answers of key questions such as:

  • Purpose Of The Website
  • Identify The Target Market
  • Understand The User’s Behavior
  • Study The Geo-Locations Trends
  • Consider The Number Of Products/Services To Be Displayed
  • Create Options For Users’ Feedback On Products Quality, Service, Support Etc.
  • Other Vital Information Related To The Line Of Products

The main purpose while developing an ecommerce solution is to create a user-friendly website for both your customers and business. When you will be able to manage your e-store conveniently, you will be able to provide better support to your customers for higher satisfaction.

The e-commerce web development solutions have become the future of e-businesses wherein businesses can target more market without spending too much amount on promotional activities. With the use of efficient technology, e-commerce solutions can help your business to stand out of the crowd.

If you have an e-business or have plans to start an e-store, you of course, can understand the meaning of attaining a distinct identity among your target market. Talk to our e-commerce web developers to discuss your unique e-business idea.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Do Companies Need eCommerce Solutions?

Time has changed and brought humungous changes to human beings, one among them is Internet. With the pace of change, buying behaviors of consumers is also taking a turn. Online shopping is the renaissance in Internet history. eCommerce solutions have become necessary for the companies dealing in products and services or the mix of it.

They need to hire eCommerce developers for faster and cost effective eCommercewebsite development services.

Companies need to take care of the mentioned attributes before appointing any eCommerce development company:

  1. Cost-effective eCommerce Solutions
  2. Consistent Customer Service
  3. Efficient, knowledgeable and highly qualified ecommerce developers
  4. Tested and Structured Methodologies for Business Website Development
  5. Unique and Robust eCommerce Solutions meeting all Business Requirements

E-commerce is beneficial for companies in many ways from increasing revenues to increasing customer base. It makes your company a 24*7 shop with all available products and lets you know what all products are the best purchases. Most importantly, it improves communication between customers and your organization. The eCommerce web page development company can help you create proper strategies as per your business needs.

Development India, based in India, is one of the leading companies offering affordable and robust e-commerce solutions. Get in touch with Development India for customizing your online shop development solution.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Emphasizing Software Testing In Software Development Lifecycle

Software testing holds an important role for the overall success of the application development solution. With manual and automated testing tools, it helps to identify the defects and bugs in software and in its configuration. While testing, the software developer gets to know the possibilities that can enhance the solution further and can provide better performance to the end-users. Hence, it is considered as an important stage in software development lifecycle (SDLC).

The software developers working with DevelopmentIndia understands the value of software testing in SDLC. Therefore, they give special emphasis to this stage to avoid any disappointment at the later stages. Whether the client chooses waterfall or agile software development methodology, the use of appropriate testing tools helps in strengthening the base of each solution to make it work in all circumstances.

As other stages in SDLC can’t be ignored, it is better to take initial software development consultation to visualize how your idea is transforming into a wonderful application solution to improve the working process.

The software development companies located in India like DevelopmentIndia can be referred as a great example where the entire development strategy is decided at the initial stages to streamline the entire development process. Moreover, the SDLC is laid down in a manner so as to meet all the deadlines by collaborating properly with the team-members and the client.

If you are also planning to develop a software application or software product, you must ensure that the development company is giving emphasis to software testing or not. The answer ‘no’ is a direct indication that it’s time to change your service provider in order to get a quality software solution.